What You Should Know About Cosmetic Fillings

What You Should Know About Cosmetic Fillings

by | 2 May, 2018 | Blog

If you have issues with tooth decay due to medicines or other issues, you may consider cosmetic dentistry.

Your dentist will discuss several options with you, but one that you may not know much about is cosmetic fillings. If you are new to this option, you may be wondering what you should know about them. Though your dentist may give you some information, here are some other things you should know.

Benefits of Cosmetic Fillings

Like most people considering cosmetic dental work, you may wonder what the benefits of cosmetic fillings would be.

Cosmetic fillings have several benefits, the leading one being the speed of the procedure. Though the procedure may take some time depending on how many teeth need fillings, the filling itself hardens in a matter of seconds when the dentist uses a direct inlay process. This means that you do not have a long waiting period or healing period following the procedure.

An additional benefit of cosmetic fillings is their durability. Under normal circumstances, cosmetic fillings will last you up to ten years. Though they may need to be replaced after this time frame, the replacement may only need to be on a tooth by tooth basis rather than an entire replacement set.

Types of Cosmetic Fillings

Several types of cosmetic fillings are available. The most common is a silver amalgam filling, which is the traditional filling you see for most cavities, especially those in the back of the mouth like your molars or wisdom teeth.

In addition to the traditional silver, two other filling options are available to you. The first is composite resin, and the second option is ceramic. A composite resin filling is primarily used in front teeth and can be shaded to match the rest of the visible teeth. The ceramic filling option can be used in a number of applications including crowns, veneers, and in simple fillings throughout the mouth.

Process of Placing Cosmetic Fillings

The process of placing cosmetic fillings will differ depending on the type of filling you and the location.

Dentists use two basic types of processes when it comes to cosmetic fillings. The first is a direct filling, and the second is an indirect inlay. With the direct process, the dentist places the filling directly on the spot and uses a blue light to help harden the filling in place.

The indirect inlay filling process is slightly different. It will require an impression of the teeth. The filling is cast from the mold of the tooth or teeth made from the impression. You will need to visit a second time to have the filling cemented.

Maintenance of Cosmetic Fillings

One of the aspects of a cosmetic filling that is appealing to most people is the ease of maintenance. You will not need special instruments or cleaning solutions for your cosmetic filling. You will only need your traditional toothbrush, toothpaste, and mouth rinse. Flossing and other basic oral hygiene is also part of the maintenance to cosmetic fillings.

If you happen to have a crack or a break in the cosmetic filling, you will need to seek dental assistance as soon as possible. The filling will need to be repaired or totally replaced to prevent further tooth decay or pain. Your dentist can schedule you for an emergency appointment if necessary.

If you feel that cosmetic fillings may be ideal for your needs, contact Dental Smile Frankston. We can offer you a consultation. We can also discuss a treatment plan, schedule your fillings, and answer any questions you may have. We also help you with pricing questions and insurance-related questions regarding your cosmetic fillings.