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Night Guards in Frankston

Just like mouthguards for sports, there are several types of night guards available as well. Some of these work, while others simply do not. The surprising part is that store-bought night guards can be just as expensive, if not more expensive, than custom-made night guards from your dentist. Before purchasing or trying out a night guard, come see the experts at Dental Smile Clinic. We will help you choose the best night guard for your situation.

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Custom-made night guards

Night guards should be custom-made to fit your mouth. If they are not custom-made, they can be ineffective and could possibly cause more damage. While the initial cost of a custom-made night guard is more than an off-the-shelf version, it pays for itself in the long run. Many of our patients used stock night guards for years before getting a custom-made one from our dental lab. They say that the difference is night and day. Don’t wait if you are in need of a night guard for grinding or clenching teeth. We will help you select the right night guard for your circumstances and situation. Call us today.