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At Dental Smile Frankston, we pride ourselves on our quality dental care and dedicated staff particular with our younger patients. When you schedule a visit to our dental clinic, you can rest assured that you and your loved ones will receive the highest level of care in a friendly and clean office.

We offer a wide range of dental services so that you can come to us for any dental issues you and your loved ones may experience. As a children’s dentist office, we can help your little ones feel their absolute best with confident smiles.

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Ensuring Healthy Smiles Through Every Childs Growth Stage

As your children grow, so do their mouths and teeth. Additionally, your children’s teeth can go through a lot of wear and tear as they get older. However, your child’s visit to the dentist may make them feel a little nervous and overwhelmed.

That’s why the Dental Smile Clinic is here to help with our fun and friendly office that can put your child’s mind at ease. When they visit a children’s dentist from our office, we can help determine the root causes of their tooth troubles and get right to work so they can have healthy smiles.

If your child needs a routine cleaning, we have the tools and equipment that can help. As we conduct your child’s routine checkup and cleaning service, we’ll look closely to ensure your child has no cavities that need filling or that may be growing.

If we do happen to find cavities or extensive damage to any of their teeth, we can happily help schedule an appointment for your child and repair the damage and fill their cavities with ease. We suggest that your child receive a checkup every six months.

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We Established Dental Smile Clinic In 2007
Tooth replacements

Regular Check-up

Night guards

Composite veneer

Porcelain/gold onlay restorations

Wisdom tooth

Dental implants
Periodontic treatment (gum disease)
Porcelain crown

Tooth whitening

Endodontic treatment (root therapy)

Porcelain veneer

Composite (white) fillings

Tooth extraction

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