Smile! How Your Dentist Can Help Build Your Self-Esteem With A Confident New Smile

Smile! How Your Dentist Can Help Build Your Self-Esteem With A Confident New Smile

by | 28 Nov, 2016 | Blog

Having a positive self-esteem is an important part of having a healthy mind and body. Unfortunately for many people, life circumstances, past experiences, and other contributing factors can leave them lacking in self-confidence. There are many ways to build self-esteem, and one of the simplest ways to do this is to smile.

Smiling provides your body with nature’s feel good hormones, creates more positive relationships with friends, family, and co-workers, and can contribute to a healthier and more optimistic view of yourself. However, if you are embarrassed about the condition of your teeth, smiling may be something you struggle to do with confidence. In fact, it may even be contributing to your low self-esteem.

Fortunately, many of the problems that may be making you reluctant to smile can be remedied with some help from the highly trained, professional, and friendly dental team at Dental Smile Clinic. Here are two common problems which contribute to a reluctance to smile, and how they can be treated.

1. Staining and Discolouration

Over time, teeth can become stained and discoloured by things such as smoking, coffee, red wine and certain drugs or medical conditions. This means your teeth may look more like muddy browns than pearly whites. There are several solutions available:


Sometimes all that’s required to get your teeth looking whiter and brighter is a proper clean by your dentist or oral hygienist. Often, staining and discolouration is only surface level, and can be easily removed with specialised cleaning equipment.

Regular professional cleaning will keep the stains at bay and may prevent the need for any more extensive treatments in the future. Optimally, get your teeth cleaned every six months at the same time as your regular dental check-up.


For teeth that have become severely stained over many years, cleaning may simply not be enough to restore them to a whiter shade. Dentists can help with this by using several different whitening techniques. These range from providing simple at home treatment kits to the latest in laser whitening technology.

The right one for you will largely be determined by the amount and severity of the stains your teeth have, the level of whiteness you’d like to achieve and your budget restrictions. Talking to your dentist will help you to decide which option will most suitable.

2. Crooked, Missing, or Chipped Teeth

Issues with the appearance and condition of one or several teeth are another factor which can leave you feeling less confident about your smile. These issues can also have an impact on your general dental health, leaving your teeth and gums more vulnerable to decay and gum disease. To fix the problem, you can try:


Veneers are basically dental prosthesis, and they sit over the existing surface of your teeth to create a more even and aligned finish. They are generally made from porcelain or a composite of materials mixed with resin, and can mask chips, gaps, holes left by missing teeth and teeth that are uneven in size and shape.

Your dentist will make a cast of your existing teeth so the veneer fits over them perfectly. The veneers are fixed to your teeth using a dental grade adhesive and will look good for many years with the right care.


If your teeth have emerged from the gums at the wrong angle or are unevenly spaced, but are otherwise in great condition, then having them straightened is a great option. Modern straightening technology has come a long way since the obtrusive and unsightly metal braces of previous decades.

Today’s straightening techniques use virtually invisible materials which are less obstructive in the mouth, and achieve excellent results in far less time than their older counterparts. They are a popular choice with many adults who have had crooked teeth since childhood but didn’t have access to appropriate dental care at the time.

Creating a fresh, clean, and radiant new look for your teeth will allow you to smile without feeling embarrassed, and will help you to bolster your self-esteem. Contact the team at Smile Dental Clinic to book a consultation and find out how simple it can be to transform your smile.