by | 9 Dec, 2016 | Blog

Q If I have all my teeth pulled and dentures made will I ever have to see my Prosthodontist again?

A The answer is yes. When teeth are pulled the bone that once supported those teeth resorbs, or shrinks as it heals. The denture you have made will fit for awhile, but as time goes on will loosen. This can be problematic as the dentures can rub and irritate the soft tissues that the denture rests on. Overgrowth of the tissue, inflammation, and sore spots can follow because of poor fit. So it is advised that you continue to see your Prosthodontist every 3-6 months during the first year and then yearly for recall after that. They will check the bite and fit to determine if a reline is needed. So even if you wear dentures you should routinely visit your Prosthdontist for check ups.

Q What is a crown?

A A crown is a restoration that covers the entire visible part (crown) of a tooth. Crowns can be cemented onto a natural tooth or onto an implant. The color of a crown depends on the material that is used to make it. A gold crown is yellow in color, although in can be silver in colour if less gold is used and if more platinum or palladium is used. A porcelain crown is white and is characterized to match the shade of your natural teeth. The longevity of crowns can vary from patient to patient. Crowns usually fail due to fracture or cavities forming at the margin where the crown joins the tooth. With proper diet, brushing, and flossing crowns can last 8-12 years or longer.