3 Ways to Manage Dental Care With Morning Sickness

3 Ways to Manage Dental Care With Morning Sickness

by | 25 Sep, 2018 | Blog

While morning sickness is an unpleasant but manageable problem for some women; others find it more debilitating. Simple things that you normally take for granted, like going to the dentist, become more difficult when sickness is at its peak. Even a simple check-up makes your nausea worse; having anything in your mouth may make you actually throw up.

If you need to see your dentist during your pregnancy and you have morning sickness, then the following tips may help.

1. Avoid the First Trimester

Regular morning sickness is typically worse during the first three months of pregnancy. You may feel pretty bad during this trimester, but things often get better as your pregnancy progresses. To avoid sickness issues, don’t schedule general dental appointments, like check-ups, during this three-month period. Check-ups are a lot easier on you when you’ve stopped feeling sick all the time.

Of course, delaying a check-up for a short time until your nausea subsides may not do any harm, but you still need to see your dentist immediately if you develop problems with your teeth or gums. The health of your mouth doesn’t just affect you; it may also affect your baby.

2. Time Your Appointments

If your morning sickness lasts longer than usual or you need to see your dentist when you’re still suffering, then schedule appointments for times when you feel least nauseated. For example, if you feel really ill in the morning but your sickness wears off by lunchtime, then book an appointment later in the day.

Sometimes, you get a short respite from morning sickness after you’ve eaten or drunk something. For example, some women feel better for a while after eating dry crackers or drinking ginger herbal tea. If this works for you, then eating or drinking things that control your nausea just before your appointment gives you a window where you feel well enough to see the dentist.

3. Use Your Dentist’s Experience

You aren’t likely to be the first patient with morning sickness that your dentist has ever had to deal with, and your dentist can be a useful source of advice when you have this condition. For example, some or all of the following tips make nausea more manageable:

  • Not lying flat: Lying flat in the chair may make your morning sickness worse. Moving into a more upright position or even sitting up often keeps nausea at bay.
  • Break appointments up: You may find it easier if an appointment is broken down into sections. This gives you a break and an opportunity to have a couple of sips of water a few times during a check-up or treatment.
  • Hand signals: Set up a hand signal to tell your dentist when your sickness is bad. This allows you to stop treatment if you need to ride out a nasty wave of nausea.
  • Relaxation techniques: If having your dentist’s hands in your mouth makes you gag during bouts of morning sickness, then use relaxation techniques to take your mind off things. For example, it may help you to breathe through your nose rather than your mouth or to distract yourself by counting backwards in your head.

Don’t avoid going to the dentist completely just because you have morning sickness. It’s important to have your teeth checked over generally during pregnancy. Plus, morning sickness itself can lead to dental problems. For example, the stomach acids you throw up can damage enamel, so it’s vital that your dentist keeps an eye on your teeth.

Dental Smile Clinic can help keep your teeth and gums healthy during your pregnancy. If you’re having problems managing your morning sickness and need more advice on how to handle an appointment, contact us.